A Simple Guide to Veriguide CUHK 2023

CUHK Veriguide help

VeriGuide CUHK is a plagiarism detection software that helps to identify suspected plagiarised works and can be used as a tool to check whether citations have been properly included in assignments.

It is a tool that promotes and upholds academic honesty, integrity, and quality. It supports similarity text detection in English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. A detailed originality report with statistics and a side-by-side comparison of text can be generated.

It is also integrated assignment management and similarity checking system. Find out more about CUHK CUSIS.

What does VeriGuide do?

  • Veriguide matches various formats of submitted files within the submission, with past submissions, internet resources, and other provided databases.
  • Originality reports will be generated to help teachers to review.
  • No originality reports will be sent to students when they submit their assignments to the VeriGuide cuhk.

How to log into veriguide cuhk

Here is how to log in and use veriguide cuhk plagiarism checker.

  1. Open cuhk.edu.hk/veriguide in your browser.
  2. Enter your Computing ID and Password.
  3. Then, click “Login”.
  4. After login, you can choose whether to upload assignments or view submission history.
veriguide cuhk login
veriguide cuhk login

How to submit assignment through Veriguide cuhk

To submit an assignment via cuhk veriguide;

  1. Go to the Homepage of CUHK VeriGuide.
  2. Enter your Computing ID and password on the right-hand side.
  3. After you have logged in, select the year, term, course code and fill in the assignment details to submit your assignment.
  4. If no errors are detected in the provided submission details, you will arrive at the confirmation page.
  5. Verify and check the information you have provided; also you have to agree with a declaration statement offered by the University’s policy before you can proceed.
  6. If there are no further errors in the submission (such as file size exceeds the system limit), an acknowledgment will be shown for your reference.
  7. After you submit your assignment, a receipt with the declaration statement will be generated and sent to your CUHK email.

How to view and download veriguide report

To view and download veriguide report;

  1. Select VeriGuide Academic.
  2. Click on Submission History.
  3. Click to View and download the veriguide Report.
  4. Click to View Details and similarities.
  5. View the side-by-side comparison of text.
  6. Mark pairs and export to PDF.
  7. View the exported PDF file.
How to submit file and view original report in verigude

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have to wait to see the originality report?

The originality report will be generated 24 hours after the deadline set by the users. After submission, the assignment will be processed for internet checking the next day after submission. It will be scheduled to check against the past submissions within the Academy.

How can I receive the originality report? Will they be sent to me by email?

The originality report is generated from the VeriGuide System and will NOT be automatically emailed to staff and students. You have to log in to VeriGuide System to check.

Can students submit the assignment after the deadline?

Yes, students can still submit assignments after the deadline.

Can I upload my PowerPoint to the VeriGuide for checking plagiarism?

Yes, VeriGuide cuhk supports different formats, such as Microsoft Word (.doc), PowerPoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), HTML web document (.html), Plain Text (.txt) and Zip file. The file size should not exceed 20 MB.

What sources does VeriGuide use for checking plagiarism?

Students’ assignments within the Academy, past submissions, and internet resources.

I cannot upload my assignment successfully and there is a file error that occurs. What can I do? Can I submit again my assignment several times and will it count for plagiarism?

If you encounter a file error in processing the submission, in general, VeriGuide cuhk will suggest to you to convert the file into another format, like PDF, and submit again.

This usually can solve the problem. If the assignment is submitted by you, it will not be counted as plagiarism, however, you should properly input the same course information, assignment marker, and assignment number.

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