Complete Guide to UWO OWL Learning Management System 2023

UWO OWL login guide

UWO OWL is the learning management system of the University of Western Ontario. It is a customized version of Sakai designed by Apereo.

Table of Contents

How to log into uwo owl

To access Western University OWL,

  1. Navigate to
  2. On the top right of your screen, enter your Western ID.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click on “Log In” to access your courses.

As a Western University student, use your Western ID (without ‘’) and password to log into OWL. If you do not have a Western ID but have an OWL account, use your non-Western email and password to log in.

Looking for your course in OWL?

The courses you are enrolled in will appear on OWL once the instructor creates and publishes the course site. Sites can be found on the top of the page in the Sites Nav Bar or the Sites Drawer.

  • Log into UWO OWL
  • Go to “Membership” on the left
  • Go to “My Official Course Enrolments”
  • Your official course enrolments will be listed (with links to the course site, if available).

If you’ve changed courses or sections recently, you’ll see the change in OWL within 24 hours.

How to access and organize your courses

The courses you are enrolled in will appear on UWO OWL once the instructor creates and publishes the course site. Sites can be found on the top of the page in the Sites Nav Bar or in the Sites Drawer. You are able to customize the Sites Nav Bar to pin your favorite sites for quick access.

  1. Open the Sites Drawer by clicking on Sites on the top-right side of the Sites Menu
  2. Click the star icon beside the site(s) to pin it as a favourite site
  3. Click the Organize Favourites tab
  4. Click and drag your sites to reorder them in the Sites Nav Bar
  5. Click the close icon to close the sites drawer
  6. Refresh the page to update your Sites Menu

It is also possible to archive/hide sites you no longer need to access. Archived/hidden sites will no longer appear in your Sites Nav Bar or Sites Drawer

  1. Go to your Home site
  3. Click Sites on the Tool Menu bar
  4. Select the site(s) you want to archive/hide
  5. Click the Update Preferences button at the bottom of the page
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