UR Courses: Helpful Guide to University of Regina LMS 2023

UR Courses: Helpful Guide to University of Regina LMS

Whether your course is completely online or mainly in the classroom, UR Courses is a secure place where the University of Regina instructors and students can interact, share resources, and access course-related activities.

UR Courses is based on Moodle, an open-source application used to create and support course websites and online communities of learning.

Access to your course is typically available at the start of the semester. If the semester has already begun, access to your course will become available approximately 24 hours after enrollment.

How to log into ur courses

To access the University of Regina Learning Management System,

  1. Go to uregina.ca/urcourses.
  2. Click the ‘Login to UR Courses’ button.
  3. Enter your username.
  4. Enter your password to log in.
  5. If you are having trouble logging in or cannot remember your username and password, click “Forgot your password?” If this does not work, contact IT Support at 306-585-4685/it.support@uregina.ca.
UR Courses login.
UR Courses login.

Your UR Courses account is linked to your uregina.ca email account and is automated based on registration. If you add or drop a course, it will be updated within UR Courses approximately 24 hours later.

All online courses at the University of Regina use UR Courses. You will be able to access your class in UR Courses by the end of the first day of classes of the semester. If you register after the first day of classes, you will be able to access your class 24 hours after you enroll.

UR student accounts

These are the various accounts you’ll use at the University of Regina.

UR Self-Service account

  • Accessible the day after you accept your offer of admission.
  • Log in with your 9-digit ID number and PIN.
  • Provides access to UR Self-Service
    • Search, Register for classes, or Drop classes.
    • Make payments on your account.
    • Update personal information.
    • View, Add, or Edit alternate email address(es).
  • If you forgot your PINclick here to request a reset link sent to your uregina email account.

uregina.ca account

  • Accessible the day after you first register for classes.
  • Log in with your uregina.ca username and password.
  • Provides access to:
    • Student Webmail email system.
    • UR Courses
    • eduroam Wireless Access
    • Public Computer Labs
    • Student Printing
    • U of R Library online catalog account.
  • New Students must find username and activate their account.
  • To change your password, go to the Change Password page.
  • If you forgot your passwordclick here to request a reset link sent to an alternate email address on file.

Account name change request form

If your uregina.ca username contains your last name, and you have changed your last name, you may request a new username to reflect the change. Please notify the Registrar’s office of your name change before you complete this form: Account Name Change Form

How to change your password

Change uregina.ca password

This is used for logging into Email, UR Courses, Eduroam Wireless access, and Computer login to Micro Focus OES.

  1. Go to uregina.ca password webpage.
  2. Enter your usual uregina.ca username.
  3. Enter your current password.
  4. Enter a new password – must be at least 8 digits long, and contain three of the following: lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number, symbol.
  5. Click ‘Change Password’
  6. Remember to change password on any other devices if the account is synced.

If you are a new student and don’t know your uregina.ca username, you can look it up here.

If you have used your account before, but do not remember your username, contact the IT Support Centre.

How to change your UR self-service PIN

This is used for logging into UR Self-Service, Bookstore textbook login, and Parking permits requests login.

  1. Open web page to UR Self Service Login.
  2. Log in using your current 9-digit user ID and current PIN.
  3. Choose ‘Personal Information’
  4. Choose ‘Change PIN’
  5. Enter your current PIN.
  6. Enter a new PIN – it must be at least 8 digits long, numbers only, and can be up to 20 digits long.
  7. Enter new PIN again to confirm.
  8. Click the ‘Change PIN’ button.

If you require further assistance, contact the IT Support Centre.

Official UR app for students

Stay connected to the University of Regina with our official app for students. The free app gives you mobile access to your class schedule, grades, important student contacts, and resources.

Sign in using your nine-digit student ID number and six-digit PIN to access your class schedule and grades.  Note: Make sure you visit the main U of R website and log into UR Self-Service to set or update your PIN, before logging into the app.

If you upgrade the operating system on your mobile device, launch the app and sign in again.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Look for the official University of Regina Student App on the App Store and Google Play.

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