UCSB GOLD: Helpful Guide to UC Santa Barbara Portal 2023

UCSB GOLD login guide

UCSB GOLD is a student online registration account or an enrollment system used at UC Santa Barbara to enroll in classes, check important enrollment information, check deadlines on the UCSB Academic calendar, and search for classes.

GOLD stands for “Gaucho On-Line Data”.

To use GOLD (Gaucho On-Line Data System) you must have activated your U-Mail account and UCSBnetID.

How to log into UCSB GOLD

To access UCSB GOLD,

  1. Navigate to my.sa.ucsb.edu/gold.
  2. Enter your UCSBnetID.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click Login to access your dashboard.
UCSB GOLD login.
UCSB GOLD login.

Former Students or UC Santa Barbara Alumni can log in using their UCSB Perm Number and UCSB Pin.

How to use UCSB GOLD overview.

How to activate your UCSBnetID

The UCSBnetID is your unique identifier for the duration of your career at UCSB and is meant to be permanent.

All new students are required to have a UCSBnetID and a UCSB U-Mail account to conduct university business. Your UCSBnetID will give you access to the majority of the online services such as UCSB GOLD and GauchoSpace.

U-Mail (University email) is UCSB’s student email service, to which all official correspondence is sent. Once activated, all University businesses will be sent to this email address, and students are expected to check this account regularly. U-Mail messages may be forwarded to another account if you choose to do so.

Your U-Mail address is your UCSBnetID followed by @ucsb.edu and the password is the same as the one for your UCSBNetID.

A few days after you submit your SIR you will be eligible to activate your UCSBnetID and U-Mail account. To do so, sign in to the UCSB Identity Manager. The Identity Manager service will activate both your UCSBnetID and U-Mail account. The UCSB Student Support Center is available for assistance if you have any problems activating your account.

To activate your UCSBnetID:

  1. Go to: im.ucsb.edu/idm/manage.
  2. Select “A New or Current Student with a Perm Number.”
    • Enter your family/surname under “Last Name.”
    • Your perm number should be 7 digits and NOT include a hyphen/dash.
    • Your date of birth should be entered in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY.
    • If you do not have a Social Security Number use 0000.
    • UCSB Extension or Open University students choose the “A Student enrolled through UCSB Extension / Open University” radio button. They enter their family/surname under “Last Name.” Their date of birth should in the MM/DD/YYYY format. And Extension Student ID which is not a perm number.
  3. Follow the instructions as displayed on the activation system.
  4. Once your UCSBNetID and U-Mail have been activated, you will have access to various online services on campus. Note that there might be a delay of up to 24 hours before your UCSBNetID credentials work across all services.

To reset your password, you’ll need to sign in to the Identity Manager, which requires your personal details such as date of birth to log in. The Identity Manager will allow you to review your UCSBnetID, and account status, and optionally reset your password.

If you wish to reset your password the system will ask you to recall answers to the security questions you answered while creating your UCSBnetID.

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