Queens Solus: Helpful Guide to Access Queens University Portal

Queens Solus students portal.

The Queens SOLUS Student Centre is designed to provide Queens University students with the tools to manage all of their academic, financial, contact, and admission details during and after an academic career at Queen’s.

SOLUS is a Gaelic word that means “knowledge and light”. It also stands for “Student On-Line University System.”

To log in to the SOLUS Student Centre, you will be asked to provide your NetID and password.

How to log into queens solus

To access Queens University SOLUS student center,

  1. On your web browser, navigate to my.queensu.ca.
  2. Click on SOLUS on your top left. This takes you to the login page.
  3. On the login (Single Sign-On) page, enter your NetID.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click on the Login button to access your portal.
Queens SOLUS student center.
Queens SOLUS student center.

What is my NetID?

Your NetID is your unique identification number at Queen’s. You will use it to access online services and courses at Queen’s. Information on how to get your NetID will be emailed to you once you have been accepted to a course.

You will use your NetID to access the Queens onQ Learning Management System and Queens SOLUS Student Centre where you can update your address, order a transcript, drop a course, and get your tax receipt.

Some people, including alumni, may not remember their NetID, while others may never have been issued one while they were students.

The NetID is an issued combination of letters and numbers which is unique to each student. Think of it as your passkey to unlocking online services from Queen’s.

How to activate your NetID account

This utility will require two things – one of which is your Student ID Number. If you do not remember your Student ID Number, you can contact the Office of the University Registrar at solus@queensu.ca, and the staff will be able to assist you.

  1. Go to netid.queensu.ca/self-service.
  2. The NetID Profile Manager will open.
  3. Select Activate your account.
  4. Verify Your Identity
    • From the Account Type: menu select your affiliation (ID type). Your options are Employee or Student/Alumni.
    • Enter your your Student number (ID).
    • Enter your date of birth as YYYYMMDD.
    • Click the Continue button.
  5. Read and Accept Policies. Click the CONTINUE button.
  6. In the Account Recovery Email field enter a non-Queen’s email address. Click the Continue button.
  7. You must choose and answer at least three security question. Click the Continue button when you’re done.
  8. Modify Your Publishing Options. By default students names and email address will be published in the GAL. If a student would prefer not to have their name published in the GAL they can check this option. Click the Continue button.
  9. Set New Password.
    • In the Password: field enter your password. 
    • In the Confirm Password: field re-enter your password. Do not copy and paste. If you misspelled your original password you would be copying the error and not able to log in.
    • Click the Continue button.
  10. Your NetID account Claim is now complete.
    • Your NetID will be displayed. Write it down.
    • If an email address has been assigned it will be displayed. Write it down.
    • Your NetID is now activated. You can use it to access Queens SOLUS. Once your NetID is activated you will be able to use it to Manage your account immediately, however it will take approximately 5 minutes before your email account can be accessed. Other services that require NetID authentication may take longer.
    • Click the Continue button.
  11. The NetID Profile Manager screen will re-open. You can close your browser or you can choose to log in and Manage your account.

How to reset your solus password

Your NetID and password are used to gain access to online University services and resources such as Queens SOLUS. Your NetID will never change, but you should change your password often. A strong NetID password ensures that university resources are safe and your personal information is safe as well. 

If you have your NetID and don’t remember your password, you can do either of the following:

  • If you created your Challenge Questions and supplied an Alternate Email address, you can use the  Self Service Password Reset Tool.
  • If you did not create your Challenge Questions and did not supply an Alternate Email address, you will have to contact the IT Support Centre by completing the Online Help Form.

To reset your forgotten password,

  1. Navigate to netid.queensu.ca.
  2. Select Forgot password.
  3. Verify Your Identity, enter your NetID, Student ID and click the Continue button.
  4. Next, choose the Password Reset Option;
    • by Send a recovery code to my alternate email address (… @emailprovider.com) and 
    • Answering my pre-established security questions. 
  5. If you choose the alternate email address option which you earlier provided during your NetID activation, click the Continue button.
  6. Now, the Check your email! screen will open. An email containing your recovery code has been sent to your alternate email address. Click the Continue button.
  7. The NetID Profile Manager screen will re-open, but you need the pin sent to your alternate email account to continueAccess your Alternate Email Account and open the email from NetID Profile Manager. Check your Junk and/or SPAM folder if email is not found.
  8. Copy the recovery pin into your clipboard or record it. Note: the Account Recovery Code remains active for less than 1 hour. If your code expires, repeat the above steps.
  9. Click the link within the email to open the Reset Your Password – Verify Your Recovery Code 
  10. The Reset Your Password – Verify Your Recover Code screen will open.
    • In the NetID: field enter your NetID.
    • In the Recovery Code: field enter the recovery code that was copied from the Account Recovery email.
    • Click the Continue button.
  11. The Reset Your Password – Set New Password screen will open.
    • Enter your desired new password.
    • In the Confirm: field, re-enter your desired password. Do not copy and paste your password – if you made a mistake your will copy the mistake and not be able to access your account.
    • Click the Continue button.
  12. The Reset Your Password – Set New Password screen will open
    • Your account has been successfully updated and your new password has been saved will be displayed
    • Your password could take up to 30 minutes to sync with Microsoft Office. Applications such as Queens SOLUS, where you have saved your password will prompt you to enter your password.

If you know your password but would like to change it, “Login to Manage your account” and then Change Your Password.

How to add courses in queens SOLUS

To add courses in Queens SOLUS Student Center:

  1. Access the main page of Queens SOLUS via the following navigation: Main Menu > Self Service > Student Center.
  2. Under the Academics section, click the Enroll link.
  3. Select the Term that you wish to add classes for. Click the Continue button.
  4. There are two ways to add courses to your shopping cart. To automatically add a course, enter the Class Number and then click Enter. Click the Search button.
  5. Click on the Section Name link to learn more about a class such as, course description and prerequisites.
  6. After reviewing the Class Detail click the:
    • Select Class button to add this course or,
    • View Search Results button to return to the Search Results page.
  7. If the class requires it, select a laboratory or tutorial section to accompany the lecture and then click the Next button to continue.
  8. Confirm the time of class and review any other important class information. Click the Next button to continue.
  9. The class will be added to your shopping cart ready for you to enroll. If you have a valid Enrollment Appointment, click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button to begin the enrollment process.
  10. This page confirms the details for the course. To secure your place in the course, click the Finish Enrolling button.
  11. If there are no errors, the course will be added to your schedule.

How to drop courses in queens SOLUS

  1. Access the main page of Queens SOLUS via the following navigation: Main Menu > Self Service > Student Center.
  2. Click on the other academic… dropdown list box to access the list.
  3. Select Enrollment: Drop.
  4. Click the Go button.
  5. Select the Term that you will be dropping the class(es) for. Click the Continue button.
  6. Select the checkbox, in the Select column, beside the class(es) that you are dropping. Click the Drop Selected Classes button.
  7. Confirm that you selected the correct course(s) that you want to drop.
  8. When you are ready to proceed, click the Finish Dropping button.
  9. If there are no errors, the class(es) will be removed from your schedule.
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