NYU Classes: A Complete Guide to NYU LMS 2023

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NYU Classes is New York University’s learning management system. It is an online space for you to interact with your classmates and instructors, keep track of assignments and tests, and store information based on your courses.

The Learning Management System is based on Sakai, an open-source software program.

How to log into nyu classes

Sign in via NYU Home

  1. Navigate to newclasses.nyu.edu.
  2. Enter your NetID.
  3. Enter your Password.
  4. Click Login.
  5. From the Academic tab on your dashboard, select NYU Classes from the course site channel.
  6. You’ll be brought to the landing page of the NYU Classes.

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NYU classes mobile

NYU Classes delivers a responsive, mobile-ready design that automatically adapts to different devices/screen sizes.

While navigating through the portal on mobile devices (i.e., smartphones and tablets), the user experience remains thoroughly familiar, while still providing a modern, mobile design and touch-friendly interactions.

Note: If creating or submitting content, particularly of a complex or time-sensitive nature, it is highly recommended that you access NYU Classes on a dedicated desktop/laptop device.

General navigation in NYU Classes on mobile is reminiscent of other modern mobile web applications, with essential navigation hidden behind prominent header buttons. The essential navigation, however, remains thoroughly familiar.

To access NYU Classes sites on mobile, tap the My Sites button.

This will provide access to the My Sites menu, from which you can access your course/project sites (organized by semester), as well as your favorite sites.


What classes does NYU offer?

NYU offers popular classes such as Agriculture, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Business, Culinary Arts and Personal Services, Education, Medical and Health Professions, Psychology.

Can you take classes at NYU?

As a vstudent, you get the best of all that NYU has to offer. You can choose from thousands of courses and explore New York City as only an NYU student can. You can take intensive courses during the Summer and January sessions, or come for a full semester in the Fall or Spring.

Can NYU students take classes at Columbia?

Columbia and NYU students can freely cross-register for these courses and will receive credit at their home institution. As always, the most up-to-date information can be found in the Columbia Directory of Classes.

Are classes at NYU hard?

Classes are pretty challenging so students are very competitive. NYU students study hard. NYU gets you well prepared for landing awesome jobs once you graduate.

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