MyOkstate: Helpful Guide to OSU OKC Banner Portal 2023

MyOkstate: Helpful Guide to OSU OKC Banner Portal.

Banner, also known as myOKSTATE at Oklahoma State University, is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that integrates and consolidates the university administrative resources.

With only one place to sign in, students can register for classes, review academic records, and engage with financial aid. Employees can get their employment information, manage timesheets and leave requests.

The myOKSTATE Banner portal contains handy links to Canvas, Parking and Transit office, email, the Star System (for advisement), and others.

How to log into myokstate banner portal

To access the OSU OKC portal,

  1. Navigate to
  2. This will take you to the loin page where you sign in using your O-Key credentials.
  3. Enter your Login Address.
  4. Then enter your Password.
  5. Click the Login button to sign into your myokstate portal dashbaord.
  6. For security reasons, log out and exit your web browser when you are done accessing services that require authentication at OSU OKC.
MyOkstate Banner login page.
MyOkstate Banner login page.

How to activate your Okey okstate account

IDMS (O-Key) is the identity account of each individual who has a formal affiliation with Oklahoma State University. The O-Key credentials – Banner ID, O-Key username, email address, and password – are joined in the O-Key account to provide secure single sign-on access to IT and other services.

The O-Key credentials are used throughout the IT systems and many others to provide secure single sign-on access to IT services such as, the Software Distribution Center, Virtual Labs, the wireless network, Canvas, and many others. This information ties to the ID card for access to campus point-of-sale purchases authorized controlled access doors, and more.

To create your Okey Okstate account,

  1. Log in to your institutes IDMS:
  2. When the Central Authentication Services page loads, select the Activate Your O-Key Account link below the login button.
  3. The title of the page should change to Activate Your O-Key Account. Enter the following information in the corresponding fields:
  4. Enter the first two letters of your last name.
  5. Enter the last five digits of your Social Security number. If you are an international student, you will need to enter the last five digits of the number that you received from the Eligible To Activate e-mail sent to your alternate e-mail address.
  6. Enter your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy).
  7. Click Next to continue.
  8. When prompted, enter your PIN number. 
  9. If you are a student, the PIN should have been e-mailed to you from the Registrar’s office.
  10. If you are a faculty or staff member, the PIN should have been e-mailed to you from the Human Resources department.
  11. Click Next.
  12. You should then be prompted with a Welcome page. 
  13. Review the text and then click Next.
  14. After the Welcome page, you should now be identified in the IDMS system and will begin configuring the account.
  15. Students: This information should be automatically populated from the information that you provided the Registrar’s office (also appears in MyOkstate Banner). You can choose whether this information is published on the Online Directory for community\public access. If the information is incorrect, click Next and change the information in MyOkstate Banner after O-Key activation is complete. You can then enter the contact information for campus emergencies if you desire. If you do not wish to receive campus emergency information, check the box next to I Have No Emergency Phone Number.
  16. If you are a Student, you will select the Cowboy Mail (Office 365) E-mail System. Cowboy Mail is based off of Microsoft Live (Exchange). Okmulgee (OSU Institute of Technology) Students do not have the Cowboy Mail option, Oklahoma City Students will need to review the following bullet point for Faculty or Staff setup.
  17. Choose Your Preferred First Name: You can choose to enter a Preferred First Name if you go by a different name than what is listed on your SSN card or registered with the Office of International Students and Scholars. The Preferred First Name will show as your name in places such as the address list, Online Classroom (Canvas), Online Directory, etc.
  18. Login Address: The address selected will be used as your e-mail address as well as your login address to access services (such as Active Directory login, wireless network access, IT Software Distribution Center, Virtual Labs\SAS, etc). Select the radio button option from the available addresses listed, then click Next.
  19. Click Next to continue.
  20. A Notice To Users page will appear with information related to the e-mail account type you selected. Once you are finished reviewing the text, click the Continue button.
  21. Alternate E-Mail: Enter a non OSU A&M e-mail address in the Alternate Email text boxes. The Alternate Email will be used should you forget your password and need to receive a Token to reset the password online through the IDMS system. If you have entered an alternate e-mail address, click next. If you do not wish to enter an alternate e-mail, select the I Do Not Have An Alernate Email button.
  22. Challenge Secret\Response: The Phone Password is used to confirm your identity over the phone should you need to contact your institutions IT Helpdesk (or other offices on campus) for assistance with sensitive data (such as re-activating your account for a password reset). The Phone Password can be anything you wish, however, ensure the Phone Password is something that only you would know and have memorized “exactly”.  IT staff will not accept Phone Password’s that are “similar” to that typed in the Phone Password field.
  23. Click Next to Continue.
  24. Change Password: You will see a Notice to Users page. At certain times throughout the year, students may see the Student Conduct Page. Read the page and select Agree. 
  25. On the next page, you will see the Change Password page.  You can either select one of the four random generated passwords from the radio buttons, or enter your own password. If you enter your own password, you must follow the directions at the top of the Change Password section. Click Next to continue.
  26. Activation Confirmation: You should receive a notification that your IDMS Account has been successfully activated, but you will need to login to your IDMS Account and setup your emergency alert/missing contact information for your activation to be complete. Click the Continue button.
  27. There are other features that you can setup in your Personal Profile page from the links listed on the left side of the page. Should you need to configure O-Key settings in the future, visit your institutions IDMS Account Services home page and log in with the E-Mail\Log in address and password that you selected during activation.
  28. After activating the IDMS account there are some other things that can be done to complete setting the account up.

How to reset your Okey password

You should reset your O-Key password if your password has expired or if you cannot remember your password. After resetting your account password you’ll be able to start using your account again. When you reset you will receive a special code. It can be sent by text message or email depending on the information you have supplied in O-key. If neither option is available you will need to request account reactivation.

  1. Visit
  2. Below the Login button select the “Forgot Your Password?” link. The new page title should be “Forgot Password”.
  3. Enter your O-Key ( email address. This is typically something like Then click “Next”.
  4. Now, select a method to receive an account reset token. You may be given the option to received the token via text message or an alternative email address depending on previously provided information in O-Key. If neither is an option you will need to set your account for reactivation. Click “Next” to continue.
  5. Find the eight character token code from your email or phone. The email will have the subject “TOKEN RETRIEVAL”.
  6. Enter the eight character token and click “Next”.
  7. A notice regarding policy should be displayed. Click the Continue button after reviewing the information.
  8. Finally, the Change Password page will display. You can either select one of the four system generated passwords, or enter your own password. If you enter your own password, you must follow the password complexity rules. Click Save to continue.
  9. Once the password has been accepted, the page may warn you about any information that might be missing in O-key. You should click “Continue” so you can login and add any missing information.

Cowboy mail – Okstate email account

Microsoft Office 365, branded as “Cowboy Mail” is the email system used by OSU students, faculty, and staff. Microsoft Office 365 also includes access to other Microsoft applications and services.

OSU OKC email addresses always end in “” and are where university communications are sent. Users may also access other Microsoft Office 365 services like Word or PowerPoint. Students retain their “” email address after graduation.

How to access cowboy mail

  1. To access Cowboy Mail, visit
  2. Enter your OSU Email address.
  3. After typing in your email address, you will be prompted for a password.
  4. If you have multi-factor authentication enabled on your account, you may be prompted with this screen before advancing. Choose your preferred authentication method to verify your identity.
  5.  You will now be signed into your Cowboy Mail account.

How to access osu okc canvas

OSU OKC Canvas is the universities online learning platform. Courses from across all of OKC OSU’s campuses can be found here; including OSU Stillwater, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Okmulgee.

Okstate Canvas provides access to courses and communities offered at Oklahoma State. It can be accessed through MyOkstate Banner or directly through There is also a mobile app in the Android and Apple app stores for access to Canvas.

OSU OKC Students use Canvas to access the online portions of their classes.

How to log into okstate canvas

  1. Canvas can be accessed through the following methods.
  2. The first page is called “Dashboard.” Dashboard is where you will access your pinned courses.
  3. On the left hand navigation bar is “Courses.”
  4. Courses will show you all courses and Communities you are currently enrolled in. They will be split out by Current, Past, and Future enrollments.
  5. You can select to pin courses to your Dashboard.
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