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ivy tech login guide

MyIvy is Ivy Tech Community College’s online student portal. Students use My Ivy to get the latest news and announcements, check e-mail, register for classes, pay tuition, manage financial aid, and much more.

My Ivy also contains Quick Links to the websites you use most often, such as Blackboard, Ivy Learn, and the Online Bookstore, as well as links to helpful resources such as FAQs, the student message board, and the Technical Helpdesk.

How to log into myivy tech

To log in,

  1. Visit My Ivy at
  2. Enter your My Ivy username.
  3. Enter your password to log in.

The My Ivy Student Dashboard provides real-time student information and allows you to perform many tasks online rather than in-person at the various Student Services Offices.

myivy login page.
myivy login page.

How to log in as a first time user

To log into my ivy for the first time,

  1. Type in your web browser and tap ENTER.
  2. Click the FIRST TIME USERS link to set up your account and establish your password.
  3. Enter your name, birth date, zip code, and your Student ID (C#). You must enter the information as it appears on your admissions application.
  4. Your new My Ivy username will be displayed. Enter a password for your account.
  5. Enter answers for at least 3 security questions.
  6. Click the link to log in to My Ivy.

How to register for courses

  1. After logging in to My Ivy, click on STUDENT Dashboard.
  2. Click on “Add/Drop Classes
  3. Read the Registration Message and click I Agree.
  4. Select a Term and then click Submit.
  5. Next Click on the Course Search link on STUDENT Dashboard.
  6. Select the “correct” term the class will be occurring.
  7. Select the correct subject and enter the number of the course in the Course Number field. (ie. If you are looking for ACCT 101, you will select the Subject “Accounting” and enter “101” in the Course Number field.
    • To view the full list of available classes, do not enter any additional information in the search.
    • To ensure that you register for classes in this region, be sure to select the campus or campuses where you would like to take the class. To select more than one campus at a time, click the first campus and then hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard while selecting additional campuses.
  8. Click on Course Search at the bottom of the page.
  9. When you find a section that works for you, click the check box to the left and then click Register at the bottom of the page.
  10. The system will return either a successful registration message or details of why registration could not occur for the class you requested.
  11. To add another class, repeat steps 4 through nine with the next class you need. When you are finished, you can check your class schedule by clicking the Student Detail Schedule at the bottom of the page.
  12. When you are finished, you may check your class schedule by clicking the Class Schedule on the Student Dashboard page.

How to drop courses

  1. After logging in to My Ivy, click on STUDENT Dashboard.
  2. Click on “Add/Drop Classes”
  3. Select the Term and then click Submit. (Example Fall 2017)
  4. Click on the Dropdown box within the course details to officially Web Drop the course(s).
  5. When you are finished, you may check your class schedule by clicking the Class Schedule link on the Student Dashboard page to verify the course(s) have been officially dropped.

How to order an ivy tech transcript

Current students can request their Official transcript through MyIvy by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into your MyIvy account (
  2. Select “Student” on the left-hand side
  3. Select “Course Info
  4. Then, select “Request Official Transcripts

Students must have C# (Ivy Tech student ID Number to request an official transcript).

If you no longer have access to MyIvy because you have not attended in two or more years, click here to request your transcript online.

You will need to Create an Account with Parchment Exchange if you haven’t already done so. Should you need to reset your password, you will click on “Forgot Your Password”.

How to request for an unofficial transcript

If you are a current student and need an unofficial transcript, this is available via MyIvy and can be printed.

  1. Log into your MyIvy account (
  2. Select “Student” (left-hand side).
  3. Select “Course Info“.
  4. Then, select “Unofficial Transcripts“.

How to send a transcript to Ivy Tech

If your previous institution uses a Secure E-Transcript Service, you may request that your secure official transcript be emailed to Ivy Tech at

The E-transcript service is a very efficient way to have your transcript sent to Ivy Tech Community College. In most cases, it arrives in their office the same day you request it.

You may also have your previous college mail your official transcripts to:

Ivy Tech Community College
Transcript Processing
9301 E. 59th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46216.

Watch the video for more on Ivy Tech Transcripts

Ivy tech financial aid

The Office of Financial Aid offers a diverse set of financial aid options for students who wish to supplement their resources to obtain an education at Ivy Tech Community College.

These types of financial aid include institutional scholarships and loans, on-campus job opportunities, and federal and state aid in the form of grants and loans.

All admitted students will receive a MyIvy student ID and password allowing access to view up-to-date Financial Aid award information.

MyIvy is your link to what is going on at Ivy Tech, your personal financial aid information, and your College e-mail account, SO CHECK IT OFTEN.

The following options are accessible from MyIvy via the More Options link:

Review your admissions record and student status

Make sure you are admitted into a Degree or Certificate program. You must be fully admitted before your financial aid can be processed. Courses Only (CO), Diploma (DIPL), and Apprenticeship students are not eligible for loans and most grants. Be sure the College has your official FINAL transcripts from your high school and any college transcripts on file.

Complete your free application for federal student aid (FAFSA)

To qualify for federal, state, and institutional aid you need to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible. Ivy Tech awards many aid program funds on a first-come, first-served basis.

To maximize your aid opportunities, please complete the FAFSA when you apply for admissions to the College. If you or your family have unusual circumstances (such as loss of employment), complete the FAFSA to the extent you can, submit the application via the federal website or by mail using the address on the application and consult the financial aid office.

Complete your requirements and financial aid authorization forms

Students selected for verification will be required to complete a Verification Worksheet and submit additional financial forms before aid can be processed or disbursed.

Monitor Financial Aid Messages sent from the Financial Aid office. Be sure you turn in all required forms to prevent delays.

Review Financial Aid Holds that may prevent payment of awards and complete Financial Aid Authorizations if you wish to use your grant/loan funds to pay bookstore charges and other college fees.

Review your financial aid awards, accept/decline loans

Decide whether you will accept the full amount, partial amounts, or none of Federal and/or Alternative loans offered to you.

This step must be completed or loan requests will not be processed. If you qualify for the Pell Grant or other scholarships or grants they will automatically be accepted for you.

Monitor your financial aid status

You are responsible for monitoring your status, including your financial aid academic progress. Check your admission, registration, and financial aid status on MyIvy frequently.

Check for notifications on your Ivy Tech student e-mail account. After your financial aid welcome letter is mailed to you, communications regarding your financial aid will come via your MyIvy tech account and your Ivy Tech e-mail account.

Frequently asked questions

What is myivy?

MyIvy is Ivy Tech Community College’s student portal for email, course registration, grades, transcripts, online payments, class communication, college events, and other student services.

How do I find my MyIvy username & password?

To find out what your username is:

1. Go to the MyIvy login page at
2. Click on “First Time User?
3. Enter the required information to obtain your username
4. Continue to establish a password.

How do I order an Ivy Tech transcript?

After logging in to My Ivy, click the “Course Info” link on
STUDENT Dashboard. Locate either Request Official Transcript or Unofficial
Transcript. Follow the detailed steps outlined.

How do I access ivy tech financial aid?

Financial Aid students need to familiarize themselves with MyIvy as many tasks must be completed online to receive financial aid.

To access these services, log in to MyIvy and locate the “Billing and Financial Aid” link under STUDENT. If your financial aid information is not there, verify that you entered the Ivy Tech School Code (009917) on your FAFSA.

What is IvyCat?

IvyCat is the library’s online catalog of books (both print and electronic). You can find it by clicking on Books in the menu on the left of any page.

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