A Simple Guide to JHU SIS Access 2023


JHU SIS (Student Information Services) Self-Service is used by the Arts & Sciences and Engineering undergraduate and graduate students of Johns Hopkins University for viewing and conducting transactions for registration, financial, and billing.

Find out how to access MyJHU student portal.

How to log into JHU SIS

To log into Johns Hopkins SIS as an Account Holder, you will need your JHED ID and Password, which should have already been supplied to you.

  1. Navigate to sis.jhu.edu
  2. Click the Sign-In button.
  3. In the Login box, enter your supplied JHED ID and Password.
  4. Click Login.
  5. Your JHU SIS homepage will appear.
JHU SIS dashboard
JHU SIS login dashboard

Prospective and current students can take advantage of several financial aid web services as part of the institution-wide SIS (Student Information System).

The JHU SIS self-service portal will enable students to:

  • Review the status of financial aid applications and requirements
  • Accept or decline financial aid awards
  • Review financial aid disbursements
  • Print copies of the award notification letter
  • Pay tuition bill online
  • Upload financial aid documents

To view your financial aid information online, prospective and current students must have an SIS ID. The SIS ID is a unique, 8 character, alphanumeric identifier that is assigned to all students.

Frequently asked questions

What is an SIS ID?

All new Johns Hopkins students are given a temporary SIS ID. The temporary SIS ID is a unique, 8 character, alphanumeric identifier that is used to authenticate prospective students who are new to online services. Students will receive a permanent JHED ID after matriculation.

How do I obtain my SIS ID?

Prospective students who are accepted to the JHU will receive instructions about the process when they receive their financial aid award notification.

How do I log in to my JHU SIS self-service account?

After creating a new account, new and prospective students must log in to sis.jhu.edu/sswf and enter their temporary SIS ID and password.

What if I’ve lost my SIS ID?

Send an e-mail to finaid@jhmi.edu, with the subject line “SIS ID.”  Provide the following data in the body of the e-mail:

Your full name
Your date of birth
Your permanent address
Your projected degree and major

When do I receive a permanent ID?

The Registrar’s office will send all matriculating students, their official JHED ID beginning in June of the entering school year.

How do I access my SIS student account?

You can access JHU SIS for Students with your JHED login ID. A JHED login (or “LID”) is a unique identifier for your information in the JHU Enterprise Directory. All students are automatically assigned a LID upon enrollment. You can use your LID to gain remote access to several JHU services, such as financial aid, billing, and registration. It should not be confused with any numbers on your various ID cards

How do I find out if you received my forms?

Once you gain access to SIS, you will see a link to “Continue to Net Partner.” In Net Partner, you will see in the upper left-hand corner, where you will be able to select your “To-Do List.” Net partner will display your outstanding and completed documents. Example requirements include the FAFSA, tax returns, etc. Requirements that are not marked complete or waived must be submitted to complete your application.

Can I pay my bill through JHU SIS?

Yes. Current students can pay bills through their SIS account under the billing tab.

When/How will I be notified of my financial award?

Your academic department/program will notify you directly if you are selected for any merit-based scholarship assistance.

Processing of your aid application will take approximately 2-4 weeks from when your application became complete. The Financial Aid Office will send you an email when your aid application has been processed.

You must log in to your SIS record to view and take action on your awards. Once you are logged in to JHU SIS:

1. Select the Financial Aid tab
2. Select the View Financial Aid link
3. Select Menu (upper left corner)
4. Select Accept Awards and follow the remaining online instructions
5. Agree to the “Terms and Conditions” by clicking the checkbox and the “Submit” button.

You will then be able to view and take action on your awards.

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