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My Eagle is a portal where current Houston Community College students, faculty, and staff can access Student System, Course Catalog, Class Search, Campus Map, News, Library to Go, Calendar & Events, Learning Web, and Student Life.

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How to log into HCC my eagle

To access HCC login portal,

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on student sign in.
  3. Enter your username.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click on Sign In to access your portal.
HCC my eagle portal
HCC my eagle portal

How to access HCC login for the first time

Here is a guide to how to access Houston Community College, HCC login for the first time.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “MyEagle Student Sign-In” (At top of page), or
  3. On the MyEagle page, click on “Student Sign-In”.
  4. Click on “First Time or Forgot My User ID” or “Reset My Password”.
  5. Enter social security number or assigned P# (located in the acceptance letter emailed to you from HCC) and full date of birth.
  6. Your username (W ID#) and temporary password should appear.
    • If a password does not appear retry with “Reset My Password”.
    • If you cannot answer the Security Questions or need further assistance, Call IT Help:713-718-8800 and they can assist with resetting your password.
  7. Return to “Student Sign-in” and sign in with the temporary password.
  8. Once signed in, the first page/main page is your “Student Homepage.”
  9. You can see what you are registered for in the “Manage Classes” titled box, located in your “Student Homepage.”

Complete all tasks listed in your “Checklists” box, located in your “Student Homepage,” prior to the course enrollment period.

How to set up your security questions and change your Password.

  1. Go to “Profile” Select – “My System Profile” (left column).
  2. Start with “Change or set up forgotten password help” to set security question.
  3. Select “Change Password”

Password must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least one capital letter, one lower case letter, one number, and a special character.

Do not forget to click save.

Other resources within HCC My Eagle

Use My Eagle to access the following resources.

  1. “Eagle Online Canvas”: For online classes and classes that have an online component. To log in to “Eagle Online Canvas,” you will use your HCC email address (follow the example on the log-in page) and your HCC password. If you have just changed your password give it 30-60 minutes to update. If it still doesn’t work, see Step 6 below. You will not be able to access HCC Canvas until you have either registered for or been enrolled in your first class.
  2. HCC Email: The log-in is the same as Eagle Online Canvas. When taking an online class, instructors may only respond to HCC email, so read your Syllabus on how to contact your instructor and check your HCC email regularly.
  3. Learning Web: Here you can find your instructor’s syllabus and contact information and other resources the instructor posts. To find your instructor, just type their full name into the search box.
  4. Find a Tutor: Tutoring services are FREE for all HCC classes; this includes HCC Dual Credit classes. Tutoring services can be accessed either online or in person. Additional Tutoring Services:
  5. Library: As an HCC student, you have full access to the HCC Library and all its resources including getting your HCC student ID card and checking out books.
  6. Change the password if you have forgotten your password or you cannot get into your HCC accounts. You need to have your security questions entered for this, see the first page recommended.
  7. Financial Account title box is in the Student Sign-In, located in your “Student Homepage”: Indicates Residency and Balances status, and you can print a class/fee receipt (student account by term) here too. If residency is not in In-district, notify HCC High School Liaison.
  8. The Egalitarian: The student news site of Houston Community College. It is written and produced by students to promote the free exchange of ideas and information. The newspaper staff maintains a high standard of writing and journalistic excellence. The Egalitarian is open to all currently enrolled HCC students at all HCC campuses regardless of their major.


What is HCC My Eagle Mobile Web?

HCC My Eagle Mobile Web is a mobile website where current students, faculty, and staff can access Student System, Course Catalog, Class Search, Campus Map, News, Library to Go, Calendar & Events, Learning Web, and Student Life.

Who has access to the My Eagle gateway?

Anyone using a smartphone such as an Apple device, Android device, or desktop can access the mobile website.

Do I need to download an App to access the mobile web?

No. There is no need to download an App to access the My Eagle gateway. Click the MY EAGLE link on the homepage using any device and the system will automatically navigate to the mobile gateway site. You can bookmark or add this page to your favorites using your iPhone or other mobile devices.

Do I need an HCC PeopleSoft Student System User ID and Password to access the mobile web?

Yes, you need a Student System User ID and Password to access the mobile gateway; you must have a Student System User ID and Password to log on to your Student Center, Faculty Center, or staff account.

What if I receive a message, the password has expired?

Use the PeopleSoft Student Login link to reset your password. Access to Student System Sign in may be found on the MyEagle page or by going to, Information for staff, PeopleSoft Student Login.

How is the HCC My Eagle site different from my PeopleSoft Student Login?

HCC My Eagle is a gateway to all of the pages that current students access most often. Some access via the mobile site may be limited and is only available through Full Site log in. Students must access PeopleSoft Student Login to drop, withdraw, or swap classes. Faculty must access PeopleSoft Student Login to update attendance rosters. Staff must access Full Site to view and enter student record transactions.

How can I access the “Classic” PeopleSoft Student Login?

There is a tile on the MyEagle entry page that takes you directly to the PeopleSoft Student Login page.

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