EKU Direct: Helpful Guide to Access EKU Student Portal 2023

Helpful Guide to EKU Direct Student Portal.

EKU Direct is your connection to campus services at Eastern Kentucky University. These services include activating your EKU email account, registering for classes, obtaining a parking permit, and much more.

In this post, we’ll guide you through how to access the EKU student portal, EKU email, how to register for classes, and how to set up your account as a new student of Eastern Kentucky University.

How to log into eku direct

To access EKU Direct,

  1. Navigate to it.eku.edu/myEKU.
  2. Click on the “Current Students, Faculty and Staff and New Employees” link.
  3. Enter your EKU ID number (no spaces or dashes).
  4. Enter the password (6 numbers) you created.
EKU Direct login.
EKU Direct login page.

What is your EKU ID number

  • Your email username (usually your first name_last name#) and password are your login information for many online resources such as logging into your email, Blackboard, EKU_SECURE Wi-Fi, and library databases. If you reset your password, it will be reset on all those accounts too.
  • Your EKU Direct User ID is your EKU ID number and the PIN is a 6 digit number.
  • To reset your email password that has not yet expired…go to the mymail.eku.edu page and click the ‘Change My Password’ button.
  • To reset your email password after the password expired…Contact the IT Service Desk at 859.622.3000 to reset your password if you remember the answer to your security question.

If you forget your PIN,

  1. Type in your User ID.
  2. Leave the PIN box blank.
  3. Click the Forgot PIN? button.
  4. You will be prompted by the security question you created on the initial account creation.  Answer the question.  You must type it exactly as you first created it.
  5. If you don’t know the answer to your question, please contact the Registrar’s office or staff at your Regional Campus about how to get your account reset (You must have a photo ID if in person or contact us with your request through your EKU email account to get your account reset).
  6. If you answer the question correctly, then you will be prompted to make up a new PIN.  Enter six numbers in the first box, and then enter the same six numbers in the second box. 

First-time users: EKU Direct & EKU email

If you have been admitted and need to set up your EKU Direct and EKU student email, log in to your Admissions Portal via admissions.eku.edu/apply.

To log in, you will enter the email and password you used to submit your admissions application. Choose your application on the screen and it will open to the welcome page #COLONELNATION.

On that page, choose the EKU Direct tab. Once you see a student number, password, and student email, you can use the directions in blue at the bottom to first set up your EKU Direct account (the administrative site that you add classes, etc. online), then you can set up your student email.

  1. User ID – enter your EKU ID number (no dashes or spaces)
  2. Pin – type in your birthday as a 6-digit number (example: December 27, 1962 would be 122762).
  3. Click LOGIN.
  4. You will be asked to re-enter your old PIN. This will be your 6 digit birthday again. In the second box, enter six numbers other than your birthday. In the third box re-enter those six numbers. Make note of your new PIN.
  5. Click LOGIN
  6. Follow directions for finish account set up. 

How to access Eku myMail

Your Eku myMail account is the official form of communication at EKU. You activate your email in EKU Direct under the ‘Personal Information’ tab. Your email username (usually your first name_last name#) and password are your tickets to campus secure Wi-Fi, Blackboard, your email account, and much more.

How to Log in to EKU myMail

  1. Navigate to it.eku.edu/mymail.
  2. Click on Login to myMail.
  3. Enter your username (example: john_smith@mymail.eku.edu).
  4. Enter your email password.

How to set up EKU myMail for iOS

Before configuring your app, register for Two-factory\Multi-Factor Authentication. More information on this process can be found on the 2FA\MFA registration page.

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook for iOS app.
  2. On the Add Account screen, enter your O365 Username (EKU email) in the form of EKU username>@mymail.eku.edu.
  3. Tap Add Account.
  4. If the account type is not automatically detected, select Office 365.
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Tap Sign In.
  7. Authenticate your sign in by entering the code sent to you or approving the request on your mobile device.

How to set up EKU myMail for android

  1. If an introductory screen is shown on the first launch of the app, tap Get Started.
  2. Some accounts may be on your phone already. If so, de-select any accounts and then hit Skip when it appears at the bottom. (Note: Skip will not appear if any accounts are selected. If not, tap Add Account.
  3. Enter your O365 Username (EKU Email) in the form of EKU username>@mymail.eku.edu. Then tap Continue.
  4. If the account type is not automatically detected, select Office 365.
  5. Enter your EKU email password.
  6. Tap Sign In.
  7. Authenticate your sign in by entering the code sent to you or approving the request on your mobile device.

How to find email Addresses

  1. Use “Global Address List” to find email address of any EKU classmate, professor or staff member.
  2. Click People at the top of the screen.
  3. Click All Users on the left side of the screen.
  4. In the Search People box, type the contact’s name and hit Enter.
  5. Click the name of the person you would like to contact and information about that person will appear on the right.
  6. You may click the person’s email address to send him or her an email.

How to register for classes in eku direct

Before registering you must see your advisor and get your RAC* (Registration Access Code) number.  In EKU Direct, the RAC number is also referred to as the “Alternate Pin Number”.

You will have a new and different RAC number each semester. RAC numbers are not required for graduate students.

  1. Log into eku direct.
  2. Click on Student Services & Financial Aid.
  3. Click onRegistration.
  4. Click on Add/Drop Classes (Note: This is the only place to OFFICIALLY verify you are registered, withdrawn, dropped etc. Make sure you do not have any registration errors.
  5. Select the term you wish to register for and click Submit Term
  6. If you are prompted to enter your RAC number (referred to as an Alternate Pin here), enter it and click Submit Pin. The RAC is required for undergraduate registration only. You must meet with your advisor to obtain this six-digit number.  If you aren’t sure who your academic advisor is, refer to your DegreeWorks audit.
  7. To Add a Class:  Enter the CRN (Course Reference Number, which is a five digit number that specifies a class section). CRN’s can be found in the online schedule book. When you have entered these numbers, proofread carefully and click Submit Changes.
  8. Check for registration errors. Also check the status of each class. If the status does not say “registered” then you are NOT registered for the class. The registration error for a class is listed below the classes that you are registered for.

Frequently asked questions

What is an EKU student ID number?

Your student id number is your primary identification number for most systems on campus. Your EKU Direct User ID is your EKU ID number and the PIN is a 6 digit number.

How do I get my student ID number?

Once you are admitted to EKU, you will receive an acceptance letter. This letter will include your student ID number and information on EKU Direct.

What happens if I forget my student ID number?

Should you lose your ID number you will not be able to log into EKU Direct to retrieve the number. Visit HERE to view the options available to any current or former EKU student who wishes to obtain their EKU ID number.

How do I get a copy of my EKU transcript?

You can secure a copy of your unofficial transcript anytime via their EKU Direct account.

Official Transcripts: Eastern Kentucky University uses the National Student Clearinghouse to process all official transcripts requests (Mail, PDF, Exchange). This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allows you to track your order, and ensures the security of your information and payment. The cost is $12.25. Expedited delivery is available through the National Student Clearinghouse. You may track your transcript online at nslc.org using the tracking number you received in your confirmation email.

How do I reverse a class I dropped?

To re-register into a dropped class, from the Add/Drop page, click on the arrow next to the action window beside the dropped class. The message will say “Dropped by Web”, but after clicking on the arrow you will see other options.

If it is still within the Add/Drop time of the semester one option will be “Reregister Dropped Course”. Choose this action and then at the bottom of the page click on “Submit Changes”. WAIT for the page to refresh and VERIFY that the message next to the course changed, and there are credit hours associated with the course.

What is EKU blackboard?

EKU Blackboard is the learning management system at Eastern Kentucky University. It is a resource provided for all students and instructors as a tool to enhance learning. A Blackboard site is made for every class at EKU with instructors and students automatically enrolled. Your EKU Blackboard Login is the same username (everything before the @ symbol) and password you use for your EKU Email.

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