BuckeyeMail: Helpful Guide to Access OSU Email 2023

OSU Buckeyemail login guide

BuckeyeMail (lastname.#@buckeyemail.osu.edu) is your official Ohio State University, OSU email account.

While you are an extended education student at Ohio State, important and time-sensitive business communications from the university.

These are your enrollment registration window notification and communications from your instructors and advisors – will be emailed to your OSU BuckeyeMail account.

Your BuckeyeMail also gives you access to Microsoft Office 365, which Ohio State students are eligible to use for free.

Your Office 365 ID is your full BuckeyeMail address and the password you chose when you activated your Ohio State username.

How to log into osu buckeyemail

To get started using OSU WebMail,

  1. Navigate to buckeyemail.osu.edu. This will redirect you to a different page – login.microsoftonline.com.
  2. The page will prompt you to “Sign in to Office 365” and password.
  3. Enter your OSU email address as the username (lastname.#@buckeyemail.osu.edu)
  4. Enter your standard OSU password.
  5. Then, click “Sign In“.
OSU Buckeyemail login screenshot.JPG
OSU Buckeyemail login screenshot

Check your email several times a week until school begins, and then daily.

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How to activate your buckeyemail

Activating your Ohio State BuckeyeMail is an important next step in the admissions process.

To activate your OSU student email,

  1. Go to my.osu.edu and log in
  2. On the left side of the page, click “Change Email Delivery
  3. Select my BuckeyeMail account and submit
  4. Allow up to 90 minutes for your request to be processed. Then, you’ll be able to log in to send and receive emails.
  5. When logging in, be sure to use your full email address (lastname.#buckeyemail.osu.edu.

Checking your osu email

After successfully logging in, you’ll be redirected again, this time to outlook.office365.com. Make sure to bookmark buckeyemail.osu.edu and this page, NOT login.live.com or outlook.com directly.

By default (in one of the recommended browsers), you’ll see a list of your folders on the left, a list of messages in your Inbox in the middle, and the currently selected message on the right.

To move between messages, simply click on the message you want to view in the Inbox list. To move between folders, click the folder you want to view from the list at the left.

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