ANU Wattle: Helpful Guide to ANU programs and Courses 2023

ANU Wattle lms.

ANU Wattle is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at the Australian National University to provide course materials. WATTLE stands for Web Access To Teaching & Learning Environments. It is based on Moodle LMS as the main underpinning platform.

Most courses at the Australian National University use Wattle. The learning management system is augmented with other online learning facilities such as Turnitin (text-matching system), Echo360 (lecture recording system), and Voice Tools (audio recording tools).

In Wattle, there will be a separate site for each course you are enrolled in with key information such as assessment details, grades; tutorial enrolments; lecture recordings; weekly readings; course updates, announcements, and; other learning materials.

How to log into anu wattle

To access the Australian National University Wattle,

Log in and find your course Wattle site. Check out the ANU SIS student portal.

  1. Navigate to
  2. If prompted, enter your University ID.
  3. Then enter your password. 
  4. Click Continue to login.
  5. Your Dashboard will open. 
  6. Type your course code (semester and year) into the search box and select your course or find it in the tiles below the search box. 
  7. Make sure you have the correct semester and year. 
  8. The Dashboard includes:
    • Recently accessed courses (top panel) shows up to 12 courses that you are enrolled in, with the courses that you visited most recently listed first. You can see additional courses by clicking on the arrows in the upper right corner.
    • A Search Courses box (middle panel). 
    • All courses you are enrolled in (bottom panel). 

It’s important to check each of your ANU Wattle course sites regularly. This is to study the provided material and keep up to date with your courses, especially if there are changes to assessment due dates and class times.

You can set up notifications within ANU Wattle to help you stay updated. Wattle courses are usually open for student access two weeks before the semester begins, and they remain available to you for six months after the course ends.

You may need to log in to ANU Wattle and click the Self enrolment (Student) link to access these courses. If you end up back at your Wattle Dashboard in this process, come back and click the links here again.

In some courses, lecturers may opt to use additional platforms to share course information. For these courses, Wattle will contain the links to access these other sites.

If you are unsure how to access your course materials, check first on your courses Wattle site for the relevant information, and contact your tutor or lecturer if you need further assistance.

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