ANU ISIS: Helpful Guide to ANU Student Portal 2023

ANU SIS students portal.

ANU ISIS (Interactive Student Information System) is the Australian National University system that allows students to enroll in courses, view invoices, check grades, confirm graduation eligibility, pay fees, submit commonwealth assistance forms (CAF), maintain personal information.

For new students, once you have accepted your offer to study at ANU, your user account will be activated, and an email will be sent to you containing your user name and password.

ISIS is accessed via the system login webpage.

How to log into anu isis

To access Australian National University ISIS,

  1. To log in, navigate to
  2. Enter your Uni ID.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Log in to access your account.
ANU SIS Login.

More on Australia National University: ANU Wattle Login Guide.

Login failure?

If you are having trouble logging into anu isis, try the following:

  • Wait 24 hours – it can take up to 24 hours after receiving your confirmation email for your ANU ISIS account to be activated.
  • Ensure that you are including a ‘u’ in front of your seven digit student ID number. Try logging in to Wattle to check your ANU account functionality.
  • If you get an error message that asks you to contact your security administrator, reload the ANU ISIS login page by typing the URL directly into the address bar.
  • If your password continues to fail, try resetting it using the instructions below.

How to reset your password

Your password cannot be retrieved, but it can be reset. Password reset requests require verification of your identity, so they cannot be processed via email. There are two options:

  • Call the IT Service Desk on +61 2 6125 4321, select option one for central IT support, then option two for password reset.
  • Take your student card to an AskANU officer, located at the Chifley or Hancock library information desk.

How to change your password

You can change your password via Identity Manager. Log in, click on ‘Manage my account’, and select the ‘Change password’ tab. Type in your new password and confirm.

For more information about choosing a secure password, refer to Choosing a secure password or passphrase.

How to enroll using anu isis

To be used for step-by-step instructions on how to enroll using ANU ISIS.

  1. Go to the ISIS home page at Or click on the ISIS link at
  2. Enter your log in details and click Login. These are the same as for your normal university log in.
  3. At the welcome message, read the messages and click on Task Wizard.
  4. Carefully complete the questions, then click on the Save button.
  5. Carefully complete the next set of questions, and save your responses.
  6. When all Student Tasks have been completed the right hand pagelet displays “No outstanding wizard tasks”. Click on the Continue button.
  7. Read the student messages carefully and tick off each one as read.
  8. Then click on the I Agree button at the bottom of the page.
  9. From the Main Menu, select ISIS > Enrolment > Enrolment
  10. Click on Enrolment Details for the session/semester that you want enrol in courses.
  11. Click the Add button to begin enrolling in a course.
  12. If you know the Class Number for your subject area, type it into the textbox and skip to Step 13.
  13. If you don’t know the Class Number for your subject area: Search for the course by clicking on the Search button.
  14. Enter your details into the relevant fields:
    • Academic Career: You are most likely to be Undergraduate or Postgraduate.
    • Subject Area Description: Overall discipline you are studying such as Arts, Science, Law, etc.
    • Subject Area: Your course such as Psychology, Anthropology, etc.
    • Catalogue Number: The four-digit code for the course (e.g.: PSYC1234). (Note: this field is optional).
  15. Click Search.
  16. Click on the Add Class button to enrol in a class.
  17. Click Add Class.
  18. Click the Continue button.
  19. Enter your permission number obtained from your school/college office Click Save.
  20. Click Swap to swap the enrolled course with another course.
  21. Click Drop to drop the course,
  22. Click Add to enrol in another course.
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