How to Access UNG Email 2023

UNG Email guide

UNG email is an official means of communication on the University of North Georgia campus. UNG has partnered with Microsoft to bring you email and the rest of the O365 suite.

The O365 suite offers web applications for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams, and Access.

You have personal storage of 1 TB via your OneDrive account. Check out how to access ung d2l.

How to set up ung email on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app and select the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars option
  2. Select Add Account
  3. Select Exchange
  4. Enter your EmailPassword, and Description(Name that will appear in your Mailboxes).Note: Faculty/Staff >  Your email address will be your, which is your first initial, your middle initial, and your last name.
  5. Select Next in the top-right of the screen
  6. Adjust your sync settings if desired and select Save.
    Note: if asked for the server name, enter, and if asked for a domain, leave this field blank. (If the “Unable to Verify” error persistently pops up, enter “AD” in the domain field).

How to set up ung email on your android phone

  1. Open the Settings app (If you are on a newer version of the Android OS, instead go to your mail app and skip step 2).
  2. Accounts section > Add Account.
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange Activesync or Corporate.
  4. Enter your FULL email and password.
    Note: Faculty/Staff >  Your email address will be your, which is your first initial, your middle initial, and your last name.
    Note: Sometimes, newer Android devices will auto-complete the setup process after this step has been completed. If this is the case there is no need to complete steps 5-7.
  5. Click Next or if given the option for Manual Setup, click Manual Setup.
  6. In the “Domain\username” field, enter \EMAIL ADDRESS
  7. Server –
  8. Click Next.
  9. Leave all defaults, Name this account (ex. School or UNG).

How to connect ung email with gmail app

To use Gmail with the UNG email system, the Android device must have Exchange Services installed and Gmail Version 5.0 or above. Some manufacturers do not include Exchange Services with their devices, which may make your device incompatible.

  1. Open the Gmail app and open the menu on the left side. Open the Settings panel.
  2. Select Add Account and choose Exchange or Corporate.
    If neither of these options is available, this means that your device does not have the required Exchange Services installed.
  3. Type your full email and select Manual Setup
     Faculty/Staff >  Your email address will be your, which is your first initial, your middle initial, and your last name.
  4. For Account Type, choose Exchange or Corporate and then type your UNG Password.
  5. For Username, please enter your full UNG email address
    For Password, please enter your UNG Password
    For Server, please enter
    All other default settings are correct. Upon selecting Next, permit the Administrative rights.
  6. Choose the Sync options you would like, such as frequency and sync duration. 
    Upon clicking next, activate Gmail as a Device Administrator.

Frequently asked questions

How do I sync my UNG email to my mobile device?

To add your UNG email to your mobile device, navigate to your Settings app. Locate the ‘Add Account’ option (This varies depending on the device). Select ‘Exchange’ or ‘Corporate’ account. Enter your UNG email address and password. See the UNG Mobile Email Setup walkthrough guide above for your specific device to assist you with this process.

How do I change my password?

The UNG Password Portal is used to change and reset account passwords. This will be used in the event you lose or forget your password, as well as if your account password expires.

The Change/Expired Password option allows you to change your account password, re-activate an expired account. The Forgot Password link will allow you to answer your security questions if you have forgotten the account password.

To use the Forgot Password option, enrollment in the Password Management services is required. To enroll in Password Management, you will use the Enroll in Password Management option from the Password Portal.

What is myUNG?

myUNG is where students connect to almost all online resources. A link to myUNG is located at the top right of the UNG site under Quicklinks, or you can go directly to

How do I activate my UNG account?

To activate your UNG Network ID, you must first change the default password from the one provided by Information Technology. To assist you with this process, visit the Account Activation Portal.

What is UNG banner web?

Banner Web is an enterprise reporting system for UNG. Banner records and maintains information and data for students, employees, faculty, and alumni. Banner is an integrated system containing information about all affiliates with UNG. For students, this includes admissions, financial aid, registration, billing, and academic records.

How do I connect to the UNG Wi-Fi?

To connect to the UNG Wi-Fi, navigate to your device network settings. Select the UNG network and then enter your UNG username and password.

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